Gregg & his camera

When Frederick Scott Archer invented wet plate collodion photography in 1851, he probably didn’t imagine that people would still be falling in love with the process almost 170 years later.

Our Creative Director, Gregg McNeill, is one of those people and having been a successful film and digital photographer for over 25 years, he believes he has found a process that has rekindled his passion for the photographic process.

Exposing an image onto a glass or tin plate always involves a degree of luck and improbability, because each collodion portrait is utterly unique and different elements can affect the image. Gregg’s skill in using an authentic Victorian camera, coupled with his experience and precision timing creates genuinely remarkable results that appear right in front of your eyes.

Once dry, the plate is waxed which seals and protects the image, leaving a beautiful and timeless ‘forever memory’ for you to show future generations.



Gregg uses a portable darkroom and this means we can travel anywhere in the UK. We bring everything with us, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.


If you’re interested in getting your portrait or family portrait taken, prices start at £300 per booking.


If you’re hosting an event and would like us to capture truly memorable portraits of your guests, then we’d prefer to discuss your specific request. A guide starting price would be £500.


If you are a registered charity or are organising an event on behalf of one for fundraising purposes, our costs start at around £400.

No matter what type of commission you’re thinking of, get in touch and we can discuss the best way of creating something that is highly personal and truly unique – a tangible memory you can display on your wall or mantlepiece that will be entirely different to anything else you possess.

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We will be up to our elbows in collodion and fixer at the following events. Hopefully, we might see you there.



If you have any queries or would like to make a booking, please call Gregg McNeill
0788.905.0901 or email

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