The Bute Brew Company Christmas Faire

The Bute Brew Company, located on the idyllic small island of Bute, hosted a Christmas Faire this past December. Among the participants were local crafters as well as local food. Darkbox Images was also there to give people the chance to participate in the Victorian photography experience and take home their tintype portrait.

We were set up outside, which always presents a few challenges. The sky was densely overcast, making my exposures between 15 and 20 seconds, even with our lights.

It was on the chilly side the entire weekend (to be expected for December in the Highlands). I found that heating the developer slightly, in a hot water bath, made the exposures a bit more manageable, albeit a bit more contrasty than normal.

We met so many lovely people that weekend! One of the great things about making these tintypes for people is that I get see them when they are developed and then they go away with their owners and I never see them again. Some of my favourite images are just pictures on my phone.

Check out The Bute Brew Company here.